Rasikaraya Temple

By: Rusiraj Pattanayak

The former capital of Mayurbhanj State was founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanja in the year 1400 A.D and the magnificent brick of Rasikaraya Temple is regarded as a vestige of the glorious deeds of the Bhanja Rulers.

The style of architecture found in the Rasikaraya Temple bears a  striking similarity to the architecture found at Vishnupur, West Bengal in the temples erected by Raja Virattambira and his descendants.

The curvilinear form of roofing in this Rasikaraya Temple is believed to be Goudiya styles of architecture. This style of architecture was later adopted by the Delhi Emperors in all architectural designs and in course of time adopted in different  parts of the civilized world.

On the south  east of Rasikaraya Temple at a distance of 270 ft and outside the front enclosure lies the temple of SriJagannath. The image of Jagannath which was formerly placed inside the temple has been brought to Pratapapur where the deity  receives daily ritualistic Puja.

The artistic decorations of the outer walls of this Rasikaraya Temple have lost much of their beauty. But that of  the back walls are fairly in tact, though the plaster and whitewash have crumbled down. The temple was very artistically painted in various beautiful colours and on close examination of the side walls traces of paintings are still observed.

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