Papakshya Ghat

By: Shibashish Mahapatra
କବି ଗଙ୍ଗାଧର ଲେଖିଲେ କବିତା ପାପକ୍ଷୟ ଘାଟ ନାମ,
ସୁବର୍ଣ୍ଣପୁର ସୁନା ମାଟିର କରୁଅଛି ଗୁଣ ଗାନ ।

Odisha has created a different identity because of its Culture, Tradition and Heritage. One can find the presence of History in every step.

The western part of Odisha was popularly known as South Kosala. This region was ruled by many kings. The period of the Som Dynasty is considered as the golden period. They had established their capital in many places. Subarnapur, Jajatinagari, Mursimapatana, Binitpur are few of them. The present name of the old capital Binitpur is Binka. Its history is now a mystery. After this Som Dynasty kings from the Ganga Dynasty ruled this area. They have created many heritage sites.
King from the Ganga dynasty Ananga Bhim Dev III ruled Odisha from the year 1211 to 1238. He completed the Jagannath temple work which was started by Chodaganga Dev. The region of Subarnapur– Sambalpur was under the Kalachuri dynasty. He owned this region after having a battle with the Kalachuri king. During this war many Bramhins were killed by King Ananga Bhim Dev and the King was cursed by the Bramhin. Resulting this, he found some worm in his spit. To get rid of this, he started consulting Bramhins and visiting many temples. After this, he started walking towards the south side of Mahanadi.
He started walking towards the South. He was asked in his dream to build a temple in a particular distance. After passing a few days one morning after taking a bath there were no symptoms of the disease. This place is situated near the Town Binka called Papakshya Ghat. One can relate to the name.

As the king got relief from the diseases, he wanted to build a temple at this Papakshya Ghat. He dreamt about a cow crossing the river and going to a hill. In a particular place, the cow started giving milk automatically. The king in his dream asked to build a temple in the same place.

The very next morning a black cow crossed the river. The king, along with his assistants, followed the cow. It went a little far from the Mahanadi bank. The cow went to a small hill top. Spontaneously milk fell from her breast.
In the hill top the then king Sri Ananga Udaya Bhima Dev built a temple which was dedicated to lord Shiva. Presently the temple comes under Charada village and is named Kapileswar temple. The deity of this village is Maa Charadei and a temple can be found in these Kapileswar temple premises. The temple is built in the Kalinga architectural style.

The place where the king stayed for the night is now known as Rahela. For the maintenance of the temple, the king assigned families with some land. New villages were established. To provide flowers (ଫୁଲ) to the temple village Phulmuthi was established,for the service of conch (ଶଂଖ) Sankara village was named and people from Charda are supplying sandalwood (ଚନ୍ଦନ).
Many people from different parts of Odisha and from the neighboring states visit Papakshya Ghat. The unimaginable view of the river Mahanadi attracts many people. There are many banyan trees which give inner peace. There is a special old banyan tree which is known as a holy tree. People often pass under it to gain holiness. During the solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse it has big foot falls.
Like many other tourist attractions in Odisha, this Papakshya Ghat is also neglected. One good all weather road with proper drinking water and a passenger hault is much needed. Apart from this, the all round development should be emphasized to attract more tourists.

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