Kubereswar Temple

By: Rabindra Kumar Rana

Kaima, Biranchipur is a small village situated at a distance of 3km from Buguda on the Way to Budhhakhol. There is a Beautiful old Temple dedicated to Kubereswar Siva.

The design of the main temple and two other temples resembles with that of Uttareswar Temple of Bhubaneswar. But the Jagamohana of the Main Temple is totally different from other ancient Temples of Odisha. Perhaps there is no such type of Jagamohana in any other Temple. It looks so Beautiful.

Inside the Jagamohana, there are sculptures of eight armed Mahisamarddini Durga, Nataraja, Parvati and Bhairava and the outer walls of the temple, images of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati are found. An inscription is also found on the door jamb of Jagamohana which is proto-Odia in character.

It is known that, this temple was built by early rulers of Bhanja Dynasty of Ganjam about 9th or 10th Century AD. It is sad to say that, there is no Motorable Road for Four Wheelers (Specially for Buses) to that Beautiful Temple but one can visit this Kubereswar Temple by two Wheelers easily. 

Temple Surroundings is found very clean. This Place is quite good for picnic.

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