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~ Chhinnamasta Kali ~
Near the embankment of river Kathjodi, at Bakhrabad, Cuttack, idol of #ChhinnamastaKali, is being worshipped for more than six decades. This has given the area a distinct identity.
No one is sure how it all started and the reasons behind the decision. Elders of the locality say that three residents of the locality: Bharat Singh Mukunda Behera and Rama Dalei introduced this form of worship of Goddess Kali in the early 50’s.
The President of the Bakhrabad Puja Committee says “We have continued with the tradition without making any change fearing that any deviation may bring us bad luck”.
The self-decapitated Goddess holds her own severed head in one hand and a scimitar in another. Three jets of blood spurt out of her bleeding neck and is drunk by her severed head and her two female aides. Unlike other idols of Goddess Kali which stand over Lord Shiva, the Chhinnamasta stands over an embracing couple on a blossomed lotus.
In 2013, a Chandi Medha (silver filigree backdrop) was made with more than 140 kilograms of silver. This again is a unique piece of Tarakashi (ତାରକସି) art. It is replete with motifs of the creamation ground (smashan). It has a tree, skeletons, wolves, owls etc which are associated with death.
Chhinnamasta signifies self-control, courage and discretion. She is the sixth of the #Dasa_Mahabidyas or ten goddesses of wisdom and learning.
According to the scholars, Chhinnamasta (ଛିନ୍ନମସ୍ତା) is a composite form conveying reality as an amalgamation of sex, death, creation, destruction and regeneration.
PC: Cuttack Puja Festival

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