By: Rabindra Kumar Rana

Towards the middle of the 6th Century A.D. to the 7th Century A.D, the Sailodbhavas emerged as a mighty Power and extended their Power from the Mahanadi in the north to Mahendragiri in the south. They ruled over Kongoda Mandala which was the undivided Ganjam and Puri districts.

Vijaya Kongodavasaka the capital of Kongoda Mandala which has been identified with Modern Bankadagada on the River bank of Salia that is the Northern Part of Salia Dam.

There is a Mystery behind the Sailodbhava Dynasty. Once Upon a time when there was no Rulers Prevailed over Kalinga an Indigenous chief named Pulindasena Worshipped Lord Brahma (Svayambhu) to save the country by providing it with a strong ruler. The Lord was pleased and created a Fit and Strong Person named Sailodbhava, who became the founder of the Sailodbhava Dynasty.

The name Sailodbhava literary Means “Born out of Rocks“. Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita is a Pointer in this direction because he associated the Pulindas with the Sailajas inhabiting the rocky region of Kalinga. Perhaps Pulindasena was Involved in helping Sailodbhava of the Sailaja tribe in establishing the Dynasty.

Madhyamaraja-III was the last known ruler of the Dynasty. Sailodbhavas were driven away from Kongoda by the Bhaumakaras of Tosali around 736 A.D.  The Sailodbhavas ruled over Kongoda nearly about 200 years.

The Sailodbhava period was a period of Creativity in Odishan art and architecture. A Number of Saiva temples like. Bharateswar, Laxmaneswar, Satrughnesvar, Parsurameswar,  Swarnajaleswar etc. can be assigned to Sailodbhava Period.

1500 Years old Bankadagada is a Rich Heritage site having a Huge Foundation of a Shiv Temple Named Swapneswara dev, along with Beautiful Stone Works, Brahmi inscriptions on a Huge Granite Stone, Loose Sculptures and also scattered Rocks of Fort. Now it is in the Dense Forest of Barabara which is the Largest Saguan Forest of ASIA.

It is 20 km From Banapur to Niladriprasad having Bus Communication and 1km from Niladriprasad is Rough Road. Besides Bankadagada, one can see attractive places  nearby like Salia Dam, Damani Temple, Bhagabati Temple and Dakhyeswar Temple

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