Ananta Shayana Vishnu

Ananta-Shayana Vishnu !
In Sarang village of Dhenkanal district, Odisha, there is a large horizontal open air rock relief (rock-cut) image of Sri Vishnu in sleeping posture. It is on the left bank of river Brahmani. The rock relief was carved during the early 9th century by the Nandodhbahav feudatory rulers under the late Bhaumakara dynasty, who were Vishnu worshippers. The rock-relief is 51 feet in length and 23 feet in width. This image is called Ananta Shayana Vishnu.
Vishnu holds a Chakra in upper right hand, Sankha in upper left hand, Gada in lower right hand and Lotus in lower left hand. The hood of Sheshnag/AnantaNag covers the head of Vishnu. This Ananta Shayana Vishnu image is the largest such rock-cut relief in India. The rock relief is 67 kms away from Dhenkanal city, 23 kms from Angul and 3 kms from Talcher.
A similar rock-relief on Vishnu is also present of the right bank of Brahmani river, in Bhimakunda, in Angul district. This rock relief is 42 feet in length and 8 feet in width. It is the second largest such rock-cut relief in the entire India, first one being the one at Saranga. The rock-relief of Bhimakund is 50 kms from Angul and 28 kms from Talcher.
Different links on internet describe either one of the two and readers may find it confusing and thinking the two rock-relief to be one. One of the major difference between the two relief is that the image at Bhimakund has its left lower arm placed on the left thigh.

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